#94 another mini ups review

Nice honest stats compared to others.

Looking at other mini ups manufactures I decided to give Jiageng a go. The outer plastic enclosure looks very similar to a lot of other generic mini ups devices. I suspect they all originate from the same factory but have slight improvment’s to the actual PCB inside.

Decent PCB with good amperage Inductors.

Once opened I was greeted with a beautifully soldered matt black PCB with a higher version number than the previous mini ups from Andowl.

The PCB has quality components and no mystery chips. It also has the iconic Wintonic 18650 cells.

2 differences I noticed are that all the LEDs are a dark green color (the Andowl unit had 2 different greens) and the unit powers off automatically at a low voltage so that it doesn’t require a reboot after it runs “flat”.

The unit also has flashing LEDs as apposed to the Andowl’s fading LEDs

SKE-POE430-V3.0 matt black
Main IC is the STC8H1K08

Datasheet can be found here.
Andowl artical can be found here.

13 thoughts on “JIAGENG MINI UPS”

  1. I can see what looks to be a similar miniUPS on AliExpress for slightly over $21.

    Since it is forbidden on my country for an individual to import devices with batteries, I’m hoping that the seller will be able to sell it without batteries for a lower cost.

    What do you think of replacing the battery pack with a 4-unit battery holder? That could make swapping out batteries much easier.

    1. Hi there,
      That mini UPS is very different to the one I had a look at.
      It has less USB and barrel connectors, It could be switching off because of a setting or from a fault.
      Best option would be to return it for a new one if you don’t come right.

      1. Thanks I did. Its also a Jiageng (JG-756), I just wasnt sure if this was a user error – but I guess it should just work.

        P.S. cool site, nice projects. Check out the demoscene.

    1. Hi there,
      As long as the device is on it will drain the batteries.
      There’s a push button to switch the device on/off.
      If you can see the charge indicator LEDs and the 9v-12v LED then the device is online.
      Try leave the device plugged in to charge fully, If there still is a problem, it could be a faulty unit as it should require very little maintenance.

    1. Sounds like it’s not charging the batteries. It should be connected to mains permanently. I would contact the seller with a fault.

  2. The UPS does not connect the Internet when I have power outage, just the wi-fi lights up. My service provider says that you should help with this.

    How do I get this activated?

    1. This type of UPS doesn’t have any internet capability, however it can pass through to a POE device via the LAN cable.

      If it’s not powering the WiFi router correctly check the voltage is set to the correct value.

      If there’s still issues it may be a faulty device.

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