#86 Generic min ups 8800mah

12000mAh claim or is it just the name? Only a lawyer could legally advise.

When looking for a suitable min ups for my CCTV cameras and WiFi router I found a wide selection on takealot. After doing some research I noticed that the Q-UP1000 mini ups was listed by many vendors but at varying prices. Many companies had rebranded the device and increased their price quite dramatically.

Wintonic INR18650 3.7v 8.14Wh which is = to 2.200mAh

Finally I came across a deal selling the device for under R500.00 and I purchased 2 Andowl devices. Once I received the devices I was impressed with the quality of cables and the plastic mold of the box. (There are no screws to unscrew the box simply pops open)

No Screws needed to open the box. Four 2.200mAh INR18650’s for easy replaceing

Once the box was open I noticed a decent PCB with all the necessary protection circuits. There are two mystery chips though.

Mains charging circuit

The product was made recently (at least at the time of writing this article) and the designers made the batteries easily accessible for swaps which is awesome.

Charge controller IC

Now a negative thing I noticed is the 12000mAh claim… clearly the batteries are four 2.200mAh INR18650’s and this adds to 8.800mAh

There can be many reasons for this capacity “lie” but other than that the mini ups is looking good. Time will tell if this was a decent investment.


See manual pictures below:

8 thoughts on “GENERIC MINI UPS”

    1. Hi there,

      Take a look at but beware they change prices a lot and sometimes they are crazy out of touch.

      I use the Takealot API and scan for the lowest prices for the item I want everyday. Then after a few weeks I get the estimated lowest price range for the item I want.

      Here’s one under R500:

      Note this price will change in future and sometimes the product will be removed all together.

      Basically the same mini-ups device just rebranded.


  1. Hi there, I was gifted one, but the manual did not come with. Where can I download a pdf please

  2. Hi.
    Can you help me.
    I need a detailed photo showing the resistors near the U1 chip (left)
    They burned after a thunderstorm at me
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there
      looks like the quality was lost in compression.
      The value is 1MOhm 3 digit markings 105. I think they are discharge resistors for the mains capacitors.
      Hopefully everything works out but be extra careful with AC voltage repairs..

      1. Thank you very much, but this is not the one.
        I need the one you had in the previous photo, POE431-V2.1, it has a different chip

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