#82 Remote control and monitoring NEMTEK LCD18

During summer there’s been a ton of rain this year and my electric fence alarm keeps going off
The 2 main reasons are lots of water and crazy grass growth around the property.
It’s been impossible to use weed killer because it rains so often it’s all just washed away.

So I decided to install a remote switch as well as a sensor to alert me if the siren is blaring off.

For the switch I used a SONOF RE5V1C DC powered relay. This device costs under R100.00 and can be powered by 5v DC, the switch can handle 10A of DC or SV loads up to 240V.


For the alarm siren sensor I used an SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi wireless door/window sensor. I de-soldered the magnetic switch and just soldered 2 wires to the pads. Now when the siren goes off a 12v relay will close the relay and the DW2 will report a closed event. The DW2 cost R115.00


The great thing about this project is the price and the usage of the SONOFF software and MQTT service. There is no need to create my own firmware or MQTT software by using these affordable SONOFF products.