#68 How To Easily Color Fill Glock Mags

Right: Glock 19 magazines Left: Glock 19 Airsoft Gun

Recently I completed my proficiency training and acquired my competency certificate in order to apply for a firearms licence. When looking at my options I decided on a Glock 19 hand gun. While waiting for my license I bought an airsoft version of the firearm to practice safety drills with.

When I received the airsoft gun I noticed It was hard to read the labeling as there is an absence of light color on a dark finished firearm. Upon investigating options to improve this situation I came across old articles and videos referred to as “color filling firearms”

Below is my attempt to color fill using a cheap nail varnish, some alcohol, non acetone nail polish remover and some cotton swabs.

I applied 2 layers of the nail varnish in an attempt to get rid of the bubbles forming in the text, however it seems that a higher quality nail varnish is required.

You can see the bubbles in the word “Austria”

Here you can see the difference in each magazine.

The final result pending a good alcohol rub…


#67 7zipExample Automation Application In C#

Example Video

While creating a download page for a website I came across the problem where the browser would open a .PDF file instead of downloading it to the desktop of my PC when using the JavaScript window.location.href = "url/path/file.pdf"; function. A quick easy solution is to archive the .PDF document as a .ZIP file or .7z etc. Now when the function is called the file will be downloaded.

Using a quick C# WinForms application I was able to automate the process. Here I have included a small demo project which may be useful on windows machines.

The Main function is as below:

Example code of the main function.

A new process is started and Arguments are sent to the 7za.exe console application.

7za.exe can also be used in the CMD console as well as with scripting languages such as PowerShell or Batch.