While working with electronics one of the easiest PCB boards I have found to work with is the horizontal stripboard. When using this type of board it is important to cut the tracks in a reliable fashion with adequate clearance veroboard cutting tool by Vero. This is a staple tool in the art of PCB prototyping but… it can be unnecessarily expensive. So I created a simple DIY version.

Factory made version.

Here is a small explanation of the process. Also take a look at this link which explains which are the best drill bits for a DIY veroboard trace cutter.

soft broomstick handle with 3.5mm drill bit epoxied in place.

Use a broom handle (or soft wood in a cylindrical shape) a 3.5mm drill bit and some epoxy.

In my case the price was 86.4% cheaper then buying one from the shop in South Africa.

Let the epoxy set in a smooth position (or as smooth as I could get it…)