#90 DC1018P mini ups from Sinye Tech

After testing the generic Andowl UPS device I decided to find out if there were any alternatives in the same price range with similar features. After a few google searches I came across the SINYE TECH UPS device which has very similar features but is black in color and uses a different PCB.

After purchasing one and opening the ups I was disappointed to find out that the 4 18650 batteries had no markings on them whatsoever.. Also the main battery management IC has no identifying text on the chip. Seems like the mystery chip can of worms opens once again.

The good news is that the ups device has battery protection and has some decent components however… the actual black PCB board looks cheap unlike the good quality Andowl PCB…

Another major shock was the soldering (or should I say smoldering) of two of the transformer coil wires.. just looks ugly…

I also noticed the UPS device had a low battery LED flashing when I first switched it on and it never reaches the 100% LED even though the batteries are charged to 4.2V

Overall the UPS does function but I much prefer the Andowl Q-UP1000 UPS with similar functions it’s far more superior from what I’ve seen.

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5 thoughts on “DC1018P MINI UPS”

  1. Good day

    I hope you are well.

    Kindly on the ollowing below:-
    * How to use the poe and lan ports, do I need a setup ip address and gateway since my router and outdoor cpe do not transmit data, it says No internet , Secure?

    Kindly advise how to use the above question.

    Thank you

    1. Hi there,
      You can connect the internet cable to the socket marked LAN,
      then you connect an internet cable from the POE socket to the device you want to power. Remember to select the correct volts (15v or 24v)

  2. Hi, stupid question, how do you open this up?
    I cannot seem to find any clips or anything that clicks open.
    Or did you break the top open?

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