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#80 Laravel setup on Windows systems.

One of the best scalable and flexible back-end frameworks for PHP is the Laravel system. This system offers user front-end and an admin panel, APIs can also be written with authentication and many so called “blade” templates are available for purchase or you can make your own front-end.

The walk-through setup files and documentation is available on my GitHub here.


#79 Top free inventory management systems

On my journey working with electronic parts of all kinds. i find myself trying to keep track of all the parts I have in my possession and the parts I still want to buy. My go to method of record is a daily diary entry written on paper but this method has become cumbersome and I can’t search a diary for a specific word in a few seconds…

So I began looking for an open source inventory system where i could record all my components + other things if need be. Bellow is the list of the 5 most promising solutions I could find so far.






#69 Installing FreeTAKServer on Windows 10

UI running on windows using Flask

In November last year I had a client that was looking for a geospatial situational awareness ecosystem for their security guards. Upon researching I found out the the ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) system was released to the public earlier that year (2020)

ATAK is just one team awareness kit medium of many. Other mediums which are integrated into this TAK solution are WinTAK and the FreeTAKServer these are all available to the public at this time. Check out the awesome FreeTAKTeam Github here.

FreeTAKServer works as the connector between the ATAK-CIV and WinTAK-CIV platforms. As of the date today FreeTAKServer is still in development and wonderful new features and plugins are being developed to be shared with the Github community.

The definition of ATAK according to the wiki is as follows:

Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) is an Android smartphone geospatial infrastructure and military situation awareness app. It allows for precision targeting, surrounding land formation intelligence, situational awareness, navigation, and data sharing. This Android app is a part of the larger TAK family of products.

For more info on the FreeTAKServer check out the YouTube video series by * DA-B6 * here also please check out the ATAK MAP YouTube page here

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