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#91 A WiFi battery powered firework igniter

Since I used low voltage with nichrome wire using LAN (RJ45) cable was not an issue. However with the next version I will solder a female RJ45 socket to avoid the hot glue tsunami… 🙂

Creating a WiFi fireworks igniter with a backup LiPo battery.

With December just around the corner I wanted to design a remote fireworks igniter working on WiFi and battery power.

The board will use mosfets as switches to nichrome wire which will heat up and ignite fireworks from a safe distance.

Before completing the PCB

The idea is to have the system self contained with the ability of remote control via a WiFi AP using an ESP8266 12F

The link to my GitHub repository (containing the design, parts list and other files) can be found here.

Nichrome wire
Vape coils containing nichrome wire