#84 Playing old .xm music files

Back when Keygens and Trainers were the go to applications for poor kids wanting to play the latest games or experiment with the latest software’s the chiptune went hand in glove with these tiny applications. These applications were almost exclusively found on Windows computers

These applications were designed to be as small as possible many of them were written in Assembly or C++ and had all the resources embedded in the .exe at highly compressed ratios.

Even with the music file and the graphics accommodating the functionality of these programs they still managed to stay very small in size.

Thus a whole culture surrounding the traditional past time of “cracking” was born. Unfortunately there’s not much practical use for these activity’s in this day and age. Almost everything revolves around the “Internet Browser” and “Web Applications”. However artistically the past time lives on and we can still create these applications in Assembly, C#, C++ etc. as desktop applications.

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