#83 The differences between .Net Framework and .Net Core

.Net Framework was created around the year 2000. It’s not just C#, languages are built on top of the .Net Framework. they language like C# are converted into the common intermediate language (CIL).

.Net Framework is now over 20 years old. there’s a lot of checks and processes that have been added which bloat the system. However this is necessary because the .Net Framework still needs to work with older applications E.G an app made in the early 2000s.

So basically the .Net Framework is slowing down apps in the new world of software so many new advancements can’t be leveraged by the .Net Framework.

In 2016 Microsoft started the process of .Net Core. which is a new improved version of the .Net Framework with changes like how processes are executed and what is supported/not supported. Also a lot of backward compatibility has been removed for things no longer needed.

.Net Core has a massive speed increase compared to .Net Framework. Also the code in .Net Framework will run 97% of the time in .Net core however some structures and 3rd party dependencies will have to be changed this is true as of [.Net Core 5].

.Net Framework will still be supported for many years, however new development should be using .Net Core.

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