Three example sensors.

Recently I have been working on a remote battery monitoring system. Hardware + the software side of things. During my research I played around with a few store bought sensors and some small homemade sensors. Surprisingly it’s quite easy building simple analog sensors with minimal waste and a reliable working order.

The biggest challenge has been fitting all the sensors on a small PCB and picking a MCU development board with minimal trade offs.

After some time I decided to go for the Wemos D1 Mini and an analog multiplexer to handle all the analog signals.

The three sensors I chose are Voltage divider ( homemade ), Current sensor ( store bought ) and a LDR ( homemade ).

In a future post I will show a relatively compact PCB with an MCU, wireless connection and voltage, current, watts, temp, light, onTime, WiFi signal plus send/receive data collection points.

ACS712 Current Sensor.

Link to the ACS712 Current Sensor here.

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