#45 OLD MDVR SETUP (2015)

How to set up MDVR

  • Open the box and separate the MDVR from the cable box. Next inspect the MDVR device for any form of damage. Then inspect the contents of the cable box… make sure all the cables are there. the box  consists of: 1x GPS module, 1x 3G antenna, 1x WIFI antenna, 4x camera cables, 1x power cable with 10A fuse in it, 1x USB 2.0 cable, 1x screen cable, 2x keys with 1 spare fuse in a sealed packet.
  • Next place the MDVR on a stable table, open the device lock and slide the HD out, next place a SIM card and a SD card in the open sockets. Take the HD and connect it to a PC, make sure that the HD is working then copy/paste the necessary param.xml file on to the root dir. of the HD. Now take the HD and place it securely into the MDVR and lock the MDVR again
  • Now connect the screen cable to the front of the MDVR, connect the GPS, 3G and the power cable to the back of the MDVR. Wait for the device to power up then login, move to system setup > terminal. Then insert the device number into the device id field and into the phone number field. Next move to Tools > Parameters > Parameters Import and select OK… Make sure the device outputs IMPORT SUCCESS. Also make sure that you run the command without the SD card in the MDVR and in some instances the HD may have to be formatted first then the PARAM file copied over and imported on the device. The device will now restart.
  • Plug each camera cable into the back of the MDVR, test each cable by applying pressure to the full length of the cable through your hands. Test each of the 4 sockets as well. Now open RMVS ( 視頻應用 ) and make sure the device is reporting online. Test the cameras by double clicking on the online vehicle. Next click Playback > Record and then click “search” ensure that the graph shows a green line. Don’t worry if it’s thin. Also check that the device is recording to the HD and SD properly. You can do this by selecting the device no. > click on playback > click on record > click on search. Select the file tab on the bottom of the page. Ensure that there is a 999mb file and that the SD an HD record times are the same (There might be a few second missing but that is ok) If there is no 999mb file or there is a 1999mb file, both the HD and the SD card must be formatted and then check again to make sure that those files are there.

Also don’t forget to set the report interval for the devices. To do this right click on a device > click on GPS Reports Intervals and set the time to 120s.

MDVR Firmware & BIOS

  • To update the FIRMWARE of the MDVR device——-> Put the device on, Open RMVS program use technical user, ensure that the device SIM has data and is reporting on the RMVS program. Next copy the entire contents of FTPfirmware.txt file into (right click online device > parameter config > custom) paste into input. Restart the device if necessary. You should see UPDATEING
  • To update the BIOS of the MDVR device——–> Put the device on, Open the RMVS program use technical user, ensure that the device SIM has data and is reporting. Next copy the entire contents of BIOS.txt into (right click online device > parameter config > custom) paste into input. Restart the device if necessary. You should see UPDATEING on the screen

When new stock arrives always check it for faults first

Hard drives

How to Format New HDD

-Go to Computer Management > Initiate the HDD.

-Shrink the HDD to 494MB and 931.51GB NTFS. 

-Open GUI FORMAT select drives and format.                                                       

-Insert the HDD into the Device

{Download from http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/323-gui-format-fat32-drive-formatter/}

Opening a device

When opening a device first wash hands and make sure you have all the correct tools. Allen key, screw driver, socket key, & white silicone. Make sure you work in a non-static area.

Open the 12 outer screws with the correct size Allen key. Lift the top part of the cover up carefully. Remove the forward and back panel carefully. Remove the flexi cable and the lock cable from the motherboard. Remove the three antenna cables from their sockets on the device.

Carefully unscrew the daughterboard from the motherboard. There should be 4 screws. Remove the flexi cable connected to the LED lights board. Now unscrew the 2 bronze colored screws with the socket tool. Unscrew the remaining screws with the screwdriver. Take the motherboard out and replace with a new one.

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