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#111 An affordable value packed multimeter

Measuring micro amps (I am not affiliated with Jacobs coffee)

While I was looking for a great value for money multimeter I came across the ZOYI ZT109 (Aneng 8009 clone??)

This multimeter is identical to the Aneng 8009 and is in many ways far superior than the older Aneng 8002 and 8008 models. I highly recommend it.

The biggest downside is the miniscule fuses but I was able to solder a standards 50x20mm fuse in a somewhat hacky way…

Also the CAT ratings are super dodgy but good enough for low voltage electronics.

My requirements were:

  • measure µA
  • auto volt measure
  • small no of turns
  • palm sized
  • large display + light
  • decent price
  • easy battery replacement
  • accurate

I can say that this multimeter checked all the boxes but there are some issues… firstly the tiny fuses are painful… I could find some replacements at DIY electronics. However once stock is finished the 3mmx5mm fuse market looks drier then a dead dingo’s donger what an epic fail.

10A fuse soldered diagonally.

Now I know soldering and hacking a different fuse is possible see my image… still it’s a royal pain in the place that’s darker then a coal miners rectum. There’s so much space for a 5mmx20mm fuse. Just why whoever added this tiny fuse must have been a real poepoltjie eh..

Another issue is true RMS but meh I don’t need it that much.

So in conclusion this multimeter is a great compact companion for any low DC voltage electronics hobbyist. I have had mine for a little over 2 years and love it.

I would recommend buying 2 if you can.