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#68 How To Easily Color Fill Glock Mags

Right: Glock 19 magazines Left: Glock 19 Airsoft Gun

Recently I completed my proficiency training and acquired my competency certificate in order to apply for a firearms licence. When looking at my options I decided on a Glock 19 hand gun. While waiting for my license I bought an airsoft version of the firearm to practice safety drills with.

When I received the airsoft gun I noticed It was hard to read the labeling as there is an absence of light color on a dark finished firearm. Upon investigating options to improve this situation I came across old articles and videos referred to as “color filling firearms”

Below is my attempt to color fill using a cheap nail varnish, some alcohol, non acetone nail polish remover and some cotton swabs.

I applied 2 layers of the nail varnish in an attempt to get rid of the bubbles forming in the text, however it seems that a higher quality nail varnish is required.

You can see the bubbles in the word “Austria”

Here you can see the difference in each magazine.

The final result pending a good alcohol rub…