#70 FreeTAKServer Windows Manager Concept

FreeTAKServer manager control panel concept.

Just a quick C# working example of a FreeTAKServer Manager application for the Windows OS.

WinForms & WPF versions are supported.

The FreeTAKServer Manager C# application was created to make using the current v1.7 of FreeTAKServer more user friendly.

FreeTAKServer Manager has the ability to Start, Stop, Restart, Install and Uninstall the FreeTAKServer & FreeTAKServer-UI.

It can also start on startup, send alert emails, let the user test the API (localhost & custom), allow quick & edits, Open a portforward testing page.

The App requires Admin privilege in order to run cmd commands effectively.

Remove all previous Python environment variables (if you have them) because they mess up the paths.

N.B the application has been created with the microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community IDE. (

API testing form


  1. Could not fine a part of the path ‘C:/ProgramFiles\Python38\Lib-packages\FreeTAKServer\FTSConfig.yaml’.

      1. Hi there,
        If you are using the .yaml config instead of the .py config you can create the .yaml file manually if it is not auto created.
        Check the example of the .yaml file folder in the directory where the application is installed.

      1. Wow, thanks a lot! I can go in now. But there is still a small problem, webmap shows that has been rejected, do you know how to solve it? And how do I connect to ATAK on Android? I tried to set up a tcp connection but couldn’t load zip at select server

        1. Hi, you can connect the Webmap server in the FTS config files but you have to setup the Webmap separately it’s not included with the standard FTS install.

          For ATAK you should be able to connect via the IP on TCP using port 8087, SSL is on 8089, you only need certs for the SSL connection.

  2. Hello, I manage to install the server, but when i press to start, cmd give me this message, and my browser open’s page, but can’t load it.

    C:\MY PATH\Programs\Python\Python311\python.exe: Error while finding module specification for ‘’ (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘’

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