Eskom has a load shedding (Rolling blackouts) API we can utilize. I still need to test the accuracy of the results as well as the functionality of the API.

The good news is that unlike Eskom’s electricity supply this API is always on and actually works (with HTTPS as well)

It looks like Eskom’s software team can do a half decent job. I realize that it’s a bit unfair to give them so much grief. The real issue here is corrupt officials in high places stealing from the people as much as they can before their clocks expire.

There is no excuse… the reality is that we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can only hope that the future generations are able to see it for what it is and focus on building South Africa instead of destroying and stealing what others are so desperately trying to improve…

One thing is for sure.. at this rate we are truly moving in the direction of retardation (backwards motion) there’s no middle ground or some type of constant speed things are literally degrading. It’s honestly terrifying to witness this as a youngster.

At least we are not a war torn country like many in the middle east so perhaps I can give credence to the South African police and intelligence agency’s no matter how corrupt they have become they have not stooped to the level of warmongers just yet… (I suppose elite gangsters and mobsters would be a better suited description at this time)

Below is an example of the API I have rewritten in markdown format. A simple four step process to get some usable data.

  1. Get Status
  2. Get Municipalities
  3. Get Surburb Data
  4. Get ScheduleM

    Checkout my practical example application on GitHub
    You can also find more info on my GitHub documentation and my tutorial article of the practical example.

7 thoughts on “ESKOM’s LOAD SHEDDING API”

  1. Their api is actually useless since it seems you cant get a simple early warning request done !
    For example what’s interesting to me (or anyone perhaps) is what’s the status now and for how long ?
    The reason you probably want to know is so you can write some code which could switch devices on or off accordingly when the schedule changes.
    Since Eskom change the schedule at the drop of a hat, what value is querying the api for a give status ?
    We need an ALERTING system that does push notifications otherwise what’s the point ?
    Do you have any solution for this perhaps 🙂
    I’d love to hear back from you or others what the workarounds are 🙂

  2. This is great. Sadly I’m in Cape Town and this returns an HTML response from Eskom saying I have to click through somewhere else. But that’s not your problem. Thanks for the succinct writeup.

  3. Hi guys – thank you for this tutorial. I used it to develop my own mobile app and the spec is super accurate. It would be nice if Eskom also gave us upcoming stages with date and time and not only the current stage. But hey, better this than having to look at municipalities schedules and make sense of them. Cheers!

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